Yoga Instruction and Healing for Cancer Survivors, LLC.

Just like cancer, yoga is not one-size-does-fits-all.  The Yoga Survirvorship Series are tailored to address the limitations imposed by surgeries, chemotherapy and the many life-long side effects and vulnerabilities of cancer treatments and reconstructions. Modified yoga poses allowing to safely stretch, strengthen and relax the body in a supportive environment by combining movement, controlled breathing, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise or new therapy to make sure it's safe for you. Use yoga alongside, not instead of, conventional medical treatment. Yoga cannot cure cancer and should not be used by itself to treat cancer or delay treatment.


Practice yoga with me and witness the transformation of stress to relaxation, the unfolding of the sense of emotional well-being, the balancing of mind and body.   

At the comfort of your own home, at a beautiful convenient location, or in a studio or room where we can practice together.  I also offer hospital visits that are extremely gentle and safe for clients who aren’t mobile. Individualized attention can greatly promote the self-healing process, especially in recovering from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments.

There is a great importance for private yoga sessions so each experience is met with the needs of the student.  I will teach you how to modify your practice and adapt yoga to your needs.